The Ottawa Sunset Singers

I spent my early years saying I love to sing, but no one wants to listen, and now in my 70s I have found a voice and people like to listen.

Along with the opportunity to sing, Sunset Singers has enabled me to make new friends with people I would probably not have met otherwise.

Amid the clouds in your life, take time to sing the song that will brighten your day.

Five years later and I'm loving it more than ever. These amazing, witty, interesting, intelligent, caring people have gone from strangers to valued friends. They, the music, and our wonderful director truly enrich my life. Rehearsal is two of the best hours of my week. If you don't count our lunches. We do have fun!

I really enjoy being part of Sunset Singers. Feeling good about being an older guy isnít always easy, but Sunset Singers has done a lot to make me feel good about it.

Singing brings joy into my life!

It has been almost 5 years with this wonderful group. Companionship, support and laughter are some of the joyous things they have brought into my life.

I was alone and then I joined Sunset Singers, now I have 15 new friends.

I'm addicted to singing in the choir, and look forward to every time we sing.

Quite apart from the joy that singing brings into my life, the companionship of this group, diverse and interesting, with a great collective sense of humour, is very special to me and I learn something new from them each time we meet.

If I am feeling tired or a little down when I go to choir, the singing and the socializing with the other members always make me feel energized physically and happier mentally when I leave.

I've been a proud member of the Sunset Singers for almost five years, sharing many laughs and accomplishments with a fine group of men and women. We're all pumped for our upcoming concert in June, and look forward to a full house as we celebrate Canada in this very special year.

Laughter with new friends, a light heart, a mind free from worry (at least while singing), a day filled with "songshine".

Singing lifts me up and my spirit comes alive.

**Click the head of any one of our choir members to view them in their full outfit.